Delivery of goods to exotic destinations

We offer to our clients delivery of goods to exotic destinations. Qatar, The Philipines, Thailand, Kongo

20-foot containers (20' FCL)

40-foot containers (40' FCL)

Partial loads (LCL)

Weekly sailings to Qatar

Expected FCL transit time to Doha: 32 days port-port

Weekly sailings to The Philipines

Expected FCL transit time to Manila: 40-42 days port-port

Weekly sailings to Thailand

Expected FCL transit time to Bangkok: 41 days port-port

Weekly sailings to Kongo

Expected FCL transit time to Pointe Noire: 40-42 days port-port

For more information regarding the multimodal transports, please contact us through one of the options listed in our contact page or through our direct inquiry form.

Sales of Chemeter software for creation of MSDS sheets, labels, B/Ls, etc.

"Proxima BG" Ltd. concluded a contract for official representation in Bulgaria of the company Soluciones Informaticas Ambientales (SIAM), Spain, for the sale of the software product Chemeter.

Chemeter was developed specifically for the transport needs of the chemical industry

For more information, see here or contact us.

Еmergency response information provider (ERI provider)

When transportation by sea, following the conclusion of contracts, we provide the service " Emergency phone number provision." Services include 24-hour service and delivery of all relevant information on material obtained prior to transport in random emergency as required for transportation in the U.S. and IATA-DGR.

For more information, you can contact us or send a request directly .

Meeting of the Presidium of IVT

On the 20-th and 21-st of September 2013 in Bratislava, Slovakia was held an extended meeting of the Presidium of IVT. Members of the Union from 11 European countries participated in the meeting of the experts.

According to the Chairman of the Union, prof. Kurt Spera, the declarations of the EU in support of the railway transport are ungrounded, while the actions for opening the road network in the European countries for gigantic trucks are quite real. The practical refusal of the rail carriers to transport single wagon shipments and their concentration on whole train transports does not contribute for attracting new cargoes, emphasizsed prof. Spera.

It was reported that the economic crisis has not ended in the Middle-European countries and the transport companies have a lot of difficulties because of the decreased volume of production and limited consumption.

The colaboration of the Union of experts of tariffs and transport for review of COTIF would help providing balance in the interests of railway transport companies and clients.

New service by Proxima BG Ltd.

Since July 2013 Proxima BG offers a new service: delivery of ADR equipment for your trucks.

We will provide equipment for every danger class, for the drivers as well as for the truck, according to the latest changes of The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

We have the possibility to deliver the equipment directly to your office or warehouse with a courier company. You could also receive it at our office, after we confirm the availability.

If your truck has problems with missing ADR equipment at the loading address or Bulgarian border checkpoint, this problem is also resolvable and the delivery may be negotiated.

Inform us what type of equipment you need and in what quantities, aslo where would you like it to be delivered and you will receive our offer.

Please see what our sets include and fill in the inquiry HERE.

Note for company co-operation

Proxima BG Ltd is glad to inform her clients and partners that in the beginning of April 2013 a partnership contract was signed with Alessandro Billitz Nachfolger GmbH - Internationale Spedition.

The partnership consists of organizing transport of dangerous cargo and goods with possible double-use. The co-operation will contrubute for a better and more complex service of the clients and will expand the range of the offered services in the area of dangerous cargo, especially the one with ADR classes 1, 2 and 7 and also special production.

Alessandro Billitz Nfg. GmbH is a company with over 60 years of history. It offers complete logistic service with the accent on shipments of goods with ADR class 1 - explosive materials.

The efforts are directed to organizing transport and escort of ammunition, fireweapons, fireworks, explosive materials, military and special cargo, storage of pyrotechnics, documental work and other services. Also courses and seminars are held. The company has organized a 24-hour emergency assistance during transportation of dangerous goods.