Proxima BG Ltd is an insurance broker of Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.

We offer cargo insurance of your cargoes during transportation, vehicle insurance and others.

The full list of offered insurances you could see here


We always recommend a cargo insurance since the standard CMR "Carriers liability" insurance the compensation for full or partial absence of the cargo is at the amount of the damage, but not more than 8,33 SDR per kg missing weight. Approximately, the insurance "Carriers liability" (CMR) cover around 10 EUR per kg missing weight. For covering compensations larger than the above mentioned, a cargo insurance should be concluded.

Warehousing and post-carriage


- Temporary warehousing of goods in free or customs controlled warehouses in the whole country;

- Re-loading operations;

- Domestic truck transport of goods at low rates;

- Customs representation through agents in the Country.